Argimusco: the Sicilian Stonehenge

Huge stones, that symbolize archetypes: the warrior, the tower, the eye, the eagle, the ape, manhood.

We call it the Sicilian Stonehenge, because stones look similar to those of the famous British archaeological settlement.

Argimusco wonder is visible on the plateau between Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains, in the middle of the natural reserve called Bosco di Malabotta. It’s a a very panoramic place, that overlooks Etna, Eolian Islands, Tindari Cape.

Stones have been transformed by erosion or perhaps by man a long time ago. Now, this settlement could enter Unesco wonder list. Probably this site has been used for esoteric rituals: stones could have an astronomic alignment.

Close to the Water Cliff there are some tanks and a trench with the shape of a bow: their function has not been clarified yet.

In the village of Montalbano Elicona lived a man, Arlando da Villanova, doctor and writer, considered alchemist and magician as well. His books have been burt by Inquisition.