The Trans Siberian Railway, but in the centre of Italy!

It is called the Trans Siberian Railway of Italy. Because it runs through the harsh land of Abruzzo and Molise, going from Sulmona to Isernia and crossing the Sangro Valley with her asperities, her mountains, old churches, little villages where just a few people live.

A rural place that reminds the farmer’s traditions and habits, so far from our urban rhythms. A long time ago, during the Bourbon domination, Sulmona was the main town of the kingdom and the railway brought passengers from there to Naples. It was in 1897 but has been forgotten till 2014, when a group of passionate people has asked for the restoration of the route. The locomotor dates back to the Thirties, with its old wooden seats and that magic scent of simplicity. During this atypical excursion through the Maiella Park you will see ancient abbeys, green expanses, little and narrow alleys of villages.

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to taste the specialties of the territory such as guitar spaghetti, many sorts of cheese and salami, the red garlic and Sulmona special confetti, arrosticini. The best is making this experience in winter, leaving from Sulmona and rising up to the mountain.

The trip, with all the stops to visit places and taste food and wine, costs 35 euros per person. All the infos on the Facebook page Le Rotaie Molise.