The highest Tibetan bridge of Europe…is in Italy!

234 meters lenght and 140 height: ladies and gentlemen, that’s the new Tibetan bridge that connects Campo di Tartano (Valtellina) with Frasnino.

The name of the bridge is Ponte del Cielo and runs over Tartaro creek with an extraordinary view on the valley below, at 140 meters height.

The walkway is made of larch wood, and hangs at four big ropes that support the metal grid of the structure.

The bridge lays in the Orobian Park, in the middle of Valtellina’s Alps. Here you can find a great place for birdwatching, with a good opportunity to see eagles, grouses,owls.

With a donation of 100 euros, everybody can buy one of the axis that compose the walkway: this gives the right to pass on the bridge for three years, to use the chalet built close to Frasnino and to have his name in the showcase at the start of the walk.