Carloforte: one of the most beautiful villages of Italy

Carloforte is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. The typical fisher’s place, with small, colored houses, and some pieces of architecture like San Bartolomeo’s Church or the Arch of Via Solferino with its gorgeous flight of steps.

The name of the village originates from King of Savoy Carlo Emanuele III. The natural surroundings are very beautiful, because Carloforte is the only populated centre of the Saint Peters Island.

This volcanic island owes its name to a legend: it says that Saint Peter landed here in 46 a.C. to seek shelter during a storm.

In the first half of the Eight Century a population coming from Tabarca, an island off Tunisia but inhabited by Genoese, came here and brought the particular dialect called “tabarchina”.

Close to Carloforte, there is a natural pond where it’s easy to see pink flamingos.