The androgynous shoes of Bruno Bordese

The Bruno Bordese collections speaks to the contemporary world and projects itself into the future.

As if it were a district that is reborn, re-qualifies and grows, absorbing everything that has been and has lived. From underground cultures to the great bourgeois tradition, Bruno Bordese shoes mix, collect and make our current society international.

It’s the style of digital speed, androgynous, the one that passes from the classic and timeless lace up to the sneakers and amphibians. It is enriched with materials, shapes and colors.

Technology advances and dictates the rules and this collection is proof of this: stretch fabrics, asymmetrical cuts, innovative soles designed to guarantee maximum comfort.

Past, present and future converge in this collection that sees as interlocutor all the historical club cultures that have now evolved and make technology their lifeblood.