Two days of sport and movies in Palermo

Sky chooses Palermo for his Sky Art festival, involving actors, musicians, sportspeople. I twill take place on the 12th and 13th october all around the city.

The heart of the event will be the Kalsa, arabian district close to the sea, a contrasted place recalling the sumptuousness of the past, albeit being popular nowadays. It is a good occasion to visit some gorgeous places like Santa Maria dello Spasimo, a XVI Century church that will host the concert of Brunori Sas, songwriter who dedicates his performance to another famous italian author, Lucio Dalla.

The day after, 13 october, Garibaldi Theatre will be the focus, featuring Manuel Agnelli, Oliviero Toscani and actresses like Tea Falco. Official partners of the event: ArtTribune and Virgin radio.

In the botanical garden, the intelligence of the vegetal world will be explained by a worldwide scientist, Stefano Mancuso, together with a collective of musicians, the Deproducers. The program is visible on the site