A piece of New York in Milan: Fifty House Soho

Fifty House Soho is a new concept of hotel.

A boutique hotel that is particularly welcoming thanks to the colors and high quality materials of its design.Two fireplaces warm the hall, which becomes a living room.

Aimed at a clientele which looks for spaces with a cultured and elegant design in the so-called “gateway cities”, cities which – in other words – are a crossroads of economic, social and cultural interchange.

Straight from the front door you find yourself immersed in a secret, seductive space, where guests are immediately welcomed by lights and a brilliance that contrast with the dark and deep colours of the hall.

It is an urban refuge indulgently clad in precious materials, including velvet, brass and marble, and pieces by the artist Bisha everywhere.

Comfortable and modern, the Fifty House Soho’s rooms are an urban refuge with a cultured and refined design that welcomes guests in intimate and modern settings.Its location in the centre of the city, a short walk from Piazza della Repubblica, and the sophisticated elegance of its large and welcoming spaces, make Fifty House Soho the perfect setting for work meetings and company events. Via Cornalia 7, Milan.