The omnivorous restaurant Riviera in Venice and its Manifesto!

Venice, with its 1300 years of history, remains a unique place in the world. A place where time should pass slower than in other places, instead of being contaminated by the fast an “low” habits. As a consequence, the prestigious restaurant Riviera, along Giudecca canal, defends tradition.

Together with other hosts and entrepreneurs, the owner Mr Cremonini created “La buona accoglienza”, which meaning is “The Good Hospitality”. Their motto is “no hard discount, nothing fast or low cost”. Fishermen, farmers, inhabitants, little entrepreneurs, gather together to propose an alternative menu in the so called “omnivorous restaurant”. The choice falls on the typical products of the Lagoon and on the cultivations of the inland crops.

That’s the manifesto! “Without being able to count on a true urban policy for the City, the remaining citizens’ commitment is the last defense for the survival of this dream of stones on water that the Ancients, with their Wisdom and Genius, left us. We appeal to you, our Host: help us move beyond a foolish romanticism or a mask made in Thailand. We simply ask you to inform yourself and then spread yours words, in order to ensure the survival of this Legacy for the Universe , its reality and meaning in its everyday life”.

The proposal splits in two partes: 7 or 11 courses, to be chosen between fish or meat and seven glasses, a wine paring suggestion by Riviera’s Wine Drinker.

Because of a too long list and to guarantee the booking, the restaurant requests a deposit of 50 euros by credit card, wich will not be charged! It will be not cashed if you cancel the reservation at least three hours before your arrival time.