Anchovy sauce: the recipe of the Cistercian Monks

The ancient Romans used to dress the food with a noble liquid derived from Garum: the anchovy sauce. Its unique flavour and its characteristics –easy to digest, rich in vitamin A- make it a symbol of the workmanship of generations and the village that dedicated to this culinary art is the one of Cetara.

A fishing village since the ancient times, that during the Middle Ages turned its factories into plants that recall tuna fishing nets. There, the traditional anchovy sauce ha s become part of the history and the culture. The art, handed down from father to son over the generations, of salting and filtering this strongly flavored liquid is the result of carefully maturing and pressing the salted anchovies.

Colatura di Alici di Cetara, that’s the italian name, can be seasoned with fresh herbs such as parsley, galric, paprika and added to pure olive oil as a dressing. If you want to taste tradition, this isa a wonderful occasion. One of the best brans to be bought is Delfino Battista!