Women’s pain and happiness in the paintings of Angelica Freddi

Silent pain, tracing red enclosures around the eyes.

A green canopy on the head, like the huge fronds of trees, to represent good vibes, peace of mind, serenity. The inner world of painter Angelica Freddi is dual, split in half into good and evil.

Deep suffering and peaceful serenity are the two poles of the artist’s inner planet. The image of woman is characterized by an elegant aesthetic, recalling cold and hieratic figures, surfing on the waves of life. Angelica calls the green and mysterious women Cipresse, while other ones are called Gine.

In the middle, we find the fairy world of Cipresse Cappuccetto (Red Riding Hood), with wolves peeping among the trees.

Angelica Freddi presents her works in various art galleries of Italy.

To get in touch with her: 0039-339-4091340