The man who paints like Etruscans

Would you like to have a hand-painted vase in the way they were originally made in ancient times?

You can go and visit Vincenzo Dobboloni, “mastro Cencio” in his laboratory of Civita Castellana. He makes gorgeous reproductions of  Attic Black Figures, of Faliscan drawings, of Etruscan and Greek design on the ceramic pots, painting with a single hair from a rabbit’s whiskers.  

He is a great craftsman, a gentleman, outdoorsman, scholar and an authentic Faliscan. When in Civita Castellana one may visit his shop and it’s just impossible to not buy ‘something!’.

Because when one looks at  the unique archaeo-ceramic reproductions of Etruscan, Faliscan, Greek, Medieval pottery, it’s nearly impossible to resist.

Civita Castellana is in Tuscia, a historical region of Italy that comprised the territories under Etruscan fluence and the name adopted for Etruria after the Roman conquest. While it later came to coincide with today’s Privince of Viterbo was originally much larger, including the whole region of  Tuscany, a great part of  Umbria and the northern parts of  Lazio. Here we show you a little parte of Vincenzo’s astonishing work. Enjoy it!