Ilariusss: hats for dreamers

Ilariusss was born in 2013. Ilaria Soncini’s aim was to reinvent the concept of hat in order to give it a unique and irriverent identity.

Ilaria’s hats are marked by a theatrical aftertaste: that’s how the first collections are created with their dreamlike and ironic nature. Ilaria’s inspiration is a dreamer’s one and she has put her creative attitude in the concept of “hat”.

She has been working with Milliner Fiona Bennet in Berlin and at Sartoria Teatrale Brancato for Teatro alla Scala. Meanwhile she has been working with brands such as Valentino, Atelier Versace, Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Max Mara.

Her custom made visioni s free from structural limits, thanks to the unique head shaping system, which gives the hat  the possibility to fit a vaste range of sizes.

Ilariusss opens its door to desires, letting everyone create the ideal hat by choosing materials, details and shapes to satisfy the innermost feelings.