The enchanting world of Gismondi Jewels

All shapes, from the animal kingdom and the world of art, can serve as a basis for Gismondi creations.This wonderful brand, totally made in Italy, sink roots in the ancient past. In 1248 in Genoa a very distinct guild was founded – the Corporazione dei Favreghi. The guild brought together artisans and artists working with gold and silver, and was traditionally headquartered in Nostra Signora delle Vigne. That is the place where  Gismondi’s history begun.

From the 1950s onwards, under the guidance of Antonio, Mario, Ferdinando and Paola, the manufacture of jewels and the restoration of silver antiques became increasingly important activities. 

In 1994 the Federargentieri (Italian Association of Silversmiths) granted the Gismondi a unique award, recognising the family company as one of the few high-quality businesses in the Italian manufacturing sector.

Every creation begins with inspiration and with a drawing.  From that point the craftsmanship expertise comes in to play.

10 goldsmiths and 3 gem-setters are tasked, with modeling raw matter, into the shapes of the jewels’s vision, side by side with a Genoese designer who lived for over 30 years in Paris, working for one of the leading jewelry brands worldwide.

In this way, every creation is unique and very precious. Last star to wear a Gismondi jewel during Emmy awards was Angela Bassett.