Eccentric with an Italian soul: the man of DoppiaA

Reaching  all corners of the globe, on a quest to find the most novel innovations. Combined with taste, quality and skill belonging to the highest Italian tradition.

That’s the aim of DoppiaA, vital brand rooted in the Italian manufacturing but inspired by the world. 

The endeavor of the founders (one is the son of worldwide famous singer José Carreras) is geared toward good living and sharp dressing in the present day.

The visions come from the immaterial world of ideas and intuitions. They are substantiated in the right shapes, materials and fabrics to obtain clothing of character that is conceived and constructed for the contemporary gentleman of all ages.

The colorful, elegantly eccentric collection is without gratuitous extravagance. A concentrated effort was made to lighten the weight of the fabrics as much as possible while preserving maximum personality, structure and quality for an utterly comfortable spring and summer season.

Previously unseen interpretations of denim (more than just jeans) offer en entire total look, not without a few authentic surprises, including Nehru jackets and tuxedos. It is love at first sight for hand-printed and hand-embroidered Indian cloth.