Bewalls: the modern boiseries by Salvioni design

Can you imagine a refined boiserie made of marble?

The one in the picture, in Breccia Capraia Marble, is  specially and exclusively produced for Salvioni Design Solutions by Con.Ca.Marmi (design by architect Maurizio Di Mauro).

A reinterpretation and update of a classic material like marble done while maintaining a classic craftsmanship style. Inspired by the processing of Doric columns, characterized by deep concave vertical grooves.

A creation made to  to recreate a single module joinable to infinity, like pilaster strips, in order to produce a classic, but at the same time unusual, façade. A project of architect Maurizio di Mauro for Salvioni Design Solutions. The brand has launched a new line of boiseries,  Bewalls.

The first, with Studio Rocchi Architettura that mixes materials, colors, lines and shapes to create composite walls characterized by a wide range of possible combinations. The architect Maurizio di Mauro brings marble to life through a sophisticated and elegant boiserie. Thanks to these products, Salvioni aims to become an interpreter of the desire to experiment different and personal solutions in the field of interior projects, an increasingly growing need in the market, confirming itself as the ideal partner for those who want tailor-made proposals. Starting from a basic collection, each proposal will be created and designed in consonance with the style of every single customer and the environment in which it will be placed.