From Jacqueline (Kennedy)to Ingrid (Bergman): the Chantecler myth

Once upon a time in Capri there was a man nicknamed Chantecler , Pietro Capuano: the heir of a noble family of  Neapolitan jewellers, capable of enchanting all the guests invited to his epic parties.

Because of the habit of partying until early hours of the morning he was called in this way. One day he met Salvatore Aprea,  a stubborn and rebellious young man, native of Capri, who decided to dedicate his life to art and in particular high jewelry.

The two of them founded Chantecler in 1947 and in the same year opened their first Boutique in Capri. In the Nineties they opened Cortina and from there they begun a worldwide expansion.

Alle the most important actresses in the Sixties fell in love with Chantecler jewels, fruit of the secrets of high craftsmanship. Each jewel becomes a piece of a goldsmith’s work of art thanks to the vivid colours, the sinuous shapes, the volumes and important proportions – a whimsical game of plenums and voids revealing even the smallest crafted detail.

All Chantecler creations are surprisingly pleasant to the touch; each individual joint designed to be flexible so the jewel is soft, lithe and sweetly musical.

Unique pieces or made in limited series, each and every one of them evokes the memory of ancient goldsmith’s techniques that belong to the territorial heritage, then reinvented through contemporary elegance. In a Chantecler jewel, art and craft, design and manufacture are considered as a whole. From the lost-wax casting to “Grand feu” enamels, from perfect paves to invisible mountings, Chantecler jewels are the expression of a refined and eccentric style and of a high quality artisan manufacture, that can make every single jewel as unique as only a handmade piece can be.