Le Fracce estate: go and taste Oltrepò Pavese wines!

The area around Po river is full of wine-makers. This tradition dates back to the year 1.000 and has never been interrupted!

In Mairano di Casteggio, close to Pavia, Le Fracce estate produces typical wines such as grands crus reds (Pinot Nero), native reds (Rubiosa and Bonarda), vintage whites (Landò, Riesling) and dated sparkling wines (Bussolera Grand Rosé, Extra Brut Pinot Nero).

A limited production, just 200.000bottles per year, but rich in flavor and passion. This area is crossed by the 45° northern parallel: the latitude of wines, the same of California and Bordeaux!

The Winery is surrounded by an extensive park filled with age-old trees and populated by exotic wild-life. If you’ll visit this place, you will feel a real emotional experience!